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Summer 2023 Newsletter

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Our Director, F. Feliberto PereiraDear Friends and Supporters,

As the sun begins to set on another glorious summer, we reflect on the incredible journey we’ve shared together at Southwest Good Samaritan Ministries. With gratitude in our hearts, we recognize the unmistakable touch of the divine power of God in all our endeavors. It is evident that this ministry is a manifestation of God’s love, a sanctuary belonging solely to Him, where blessings abound for all who step foot within its embrace.

Ministry Highlights

Religious Retreats: Throughout the summer, our campgrounds have been graced by the presence of those seeking spiritual solace. While the longer retreats will soon end, the impact they’ve had on countless lives is immeasurable.

Donations: We extend our deepest thanks for the continuous trickle of clothing donations. Our newly remodeled semi-truck, complete with shelves, now stands ready to house much-needed winter supplies. The organized storage warehouse ensures these donations find their way to those in need.

2023 SWGSM OfficeAnd to our donors who have provided food, water, shelter, and necessities, your contributions resonate as a symphony of care. The beans and rice pantry stands as a symbol of nourishment, perpetually full due to your unwavering support. When the pantry’s reserves dip, your response is a beacon of hope—trucks and funds dispatched to ease the hunger of those in need.

A Shared Compassionate Effort: As we nurture our own community, let us not forget the wider world beyond our grounds. SWGSM (Disciples of Christ) continues to collaborate with Team Brownsville, La Posada, and the McAllen Bus Station to offer Humanitarian Assistance for Asylum Seekers. Through this partnership, we extend a helping hand to families and individuals who seek asylum in the United States through legal channels.

Our combined efforts create a tapestry of compassion that spans borders and transcends differences. Let us continue to weave this tapestry, knowing that each thread, each act of kindness, brings us closer to a world where empathy and humanity prevail.

A Growing Mission

Refugee Support: The number of refugees seeking refuge in our arms has surged. Attorney Gladys has been tirelessly championing their rights in court, a testament to her dedication. Our counseling services have also seen a steady rise, witnessing stories of healing, salvation, and newfound freedom.

Empowering Through EducationEmpowering Through Education: We’re thrilled to announce the establishment of a new chapter in our journey of empowerment. Thanks to generous donations of computers and laptops, a cutting-edge computer lab has come to life. This space isn’t just about technology—it’s about transformation.

In this lab, refugees are seizing the opportunity to learn English, a skill that opens doors to communication, understanding, and integration. Through thoughtfully crafted online curricula, our English Language Learners are immersing themselves in linguistic and cultural lessons, fostering growth within an academic setting. It’s a testament to the potential unlocked when knowledge meets determination.

Campground Upgrades: We’re delighted to share news of a fresh, smooth blacktop adorning our campground parking lot. Even as refugees come and go, their presence aids in maintaining our beautiful grounds. The lush, landscape thrives under their horticultural care.

Looking Ahead

Board Meeting: Mark your calendars for October 13th, as our board gathers to weave the threads of divine planning. This assembly will spark discussions about future plans, budgets, and innovative ideas to further carry out our mission: “We are driven by theGospel of Jesus Christ to safeguard, honor and advocate for the dignity of all human life.”

Challenges Met: Our journey has not been without hurdles, but we stand firm in our belief that we possess more to give than we realize. Let us not shy away from greater giving, for we cannot surpass the boundless generosity of God. Countless testimonies validate this truth within our ministries.

Answering God’s Call

Outreach: Answering God's CallYour Part: The question lingers—what role does God intend for you within Southwest Good Samaritan Ministries? Are you being urged to contribute more, volunteer your time, or intensify your prayers? Our support groups must multiply, and volunteers require training across various ministry facets.

Trust in Divine Support: Remember, whatever God beckons you toward, He equips you with the tools for triumph. Fear not, for He orchestrates our success.

As we navigate the path ahead, let us embrace our purpose with open hearts. Together, we shall continue sowing seeds of compassion, reaping the bountiful harvest of His grace.

Blessings and warm regards,
Feliberto Pereira
Founder & Executive Director
Southwest Good Samaritan Ministries

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