Iglesia Cristiana Ebenezer

“Ebenezer Christian Church”, has been one of our longest partners under the leadership of Rev. Feliberto Pereira, executive director of our ministry, who also pastors this local Hispanic Disciples congregation in Los Fresnos, TX. This place has served as a shelter and a right hand to our ministry.

Ebenezer is home to several refugees who we currently support with food, shelter, clothing, and legal aid

“We care about all human suffering, especially, eternal suffering” -John Piper.

Iglesia Cristiana Ebenezer - Communion with Pastor Feliberto v2
Iglesia Cristiana Ebenezer - Feeding Families v2

Here in Good Samaritan, we believe that spiritual counselling is as important as providing for the physical needs of individuals. Ministering both body and soul are an essential part of who we are and for this reason, Iglesia Cristiana Ebenezer, led by Rev. Feliberto Pereira has been a home to many mission work groups, refugees, disfranchised, persecuted, and the list goes on, where everyone has an opportunity to receive the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ and be spiritually fueled.


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