Spiritual Retreats & Mission Work Groups

Mission Work Groups

Our facilities have served as a place to stay over the years for many mission work groups and churches coming in to work on various projects. From sorting clothes and hygiene utensils to the completion of entire buildings, we have been blessed to partner with many people to the Lord’s work. Some of the activities conducted over the years have included building small houses on both sides of the border, making repairs and improvements to our facilities, creating buildings to better accommodate refugees, and sorting clothes along with other sanitary items to be delivered to many people in need.

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All of these items mainly help refugees that have just arrived without anything in their hands and benefit our orphanage in Matamoros, Mexico, as well as the poorest-of-the-poor in our community and in Mexico. 

After long weeks of hard work, groups coming into our facilities get to finish off their arduous tasks with a trip to our beautiful South Padre Island, located just 35 minutes away. The Valley International Airport has also received many of our groups coming in from all over the U.S. The airport is just 30 minutes away from our campground.

Spiritual Retreats

On the other hand, the spiritual retreats have served as a way for churches in the valley to strengthen their relationship with God by holding different camp activities for all ages.

Our campus has capacity for 150 retreaters and is able to hold 300 people in our auditorium for special events. Our beautiful 5 acre land near Port Isabel, has been the home to many denominations and churches.

These two activities play a major role in our financial support for the ministry that we do with refugees and the very needed ones.

Spiritual Retreats v2

This is our second highest way of income which maintains our facilities and the ongoing expense to minister to those who are disfranchised, persecuted, displaced, and in need of mercy.  

You can book and request dates available for your retreats or mission work group plans. We look forward to hearing from you!


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For more information, you may contact us at the following numbers and get in touch with our retreat coordinator, Joel Pereira or view our list of calendar events and availability.

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