Board of Directors


Board Member Position/Title Email
Brian Fenwick Moderator
Lester Hodson Financial Secretary
David Bender Past Moderator
F. Feliberto Pereira Executive Director

Representatives of Disciples Congregations, Church Organizations and Institutions

Board Member Position/Title Email
Andy Mangum Regional Minister, Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in the Southwest
Chris Dorsey President, Disciples Home Missions
Angel Luis Rivera Global Relations Minister for Latin America and Caribbean, Global Ministries
Alan Dickens Associate Director for Immigrant and Refugee Response, Week of Compassion
David Vargas President Emeritus, Division of Overseas Ministries
Megan Peglar Senior Minister, University Christian Church, Austin, Texas
Hector Peña Moderator Rio Grande Valley Cluster
Eva Garcia Iglesia Cristiana Ebenezer, Los Fresnos, Texas


Board Member Email
Héctor Velázquez
Larry Gilliam
Nathan Higginbotham
Glenda Martinez Bartholomew
Board Member Position/Title Email
Alan Dickens Week of Compassion Rep.
Andy Mangum Southwest Regional Minister
Angel Luis Rivera Global Ministries Rep. Latin America & Carribbean
Brian Fenwick Current Moderator
Chris Dorsey President of Department of Homeland Ministries
David Bender Immediate Past Moderator
David Vargas Division of Overseas Ministries Rep.
Eva Garcia Local Representative - Iglesia Ebenezer Los Fresnos
F. Feliberto Pereira Executive Director
Héctor Velázquez Member-at-Large
Larry Gilliam Member-at-Large
Lester Hodson Financial Secretary
Megan Peglar Senior Minister of UCC Austin
Nathan Higginbotham Member-at-Large


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