Ukrainian Mom and Daughter Hugging

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Cry Of My Heart!

Ukrainian Mom and Daughter Hugging


How long Lord, how long?

Crushed! It is difficult to come up with a word to describe my feelings in seeing, once again, millions of refugees fleeing a war-torn land. I am confessing to you, Friends, that it sets me back like nothing I have experienced before.

How long, Lord? Persons who call themselves leaders perpetrate atrocities that kill thousands of innocents and displace millions more! The «help» that is sent is more weaponry than relief. None of these Ukrainian millions wanted to leave home, just as I did not want to leave mother and brother and other loved ones when fleeing from the persecutions in Cuba over 50 years ago.

In the intervening years, I have witnessed and sought to serve many more who have faced what the Ukrainians and the 25 million+ refugees in the world today are facing.

I appeal to you, do something every day to help. Be a part of resettling a refugee in your local community. Support those helping at our borders. Write to government officials advocating peace and diplomacy that would reduce the numbers of persons dragging children and what possessions they can carry from homes they did not want to leave.

Praying Hands Holding Ukraine Flag

Cry with me. Pray with me. And let’s help each other cling to the HOPE that comes from our certain knowledge that God is present and has equipped us to fix this. Keep reading with me Paul’s early verses in Romans 5, as I focus on the words «hope does not disappoint.»

Weeping with you as your partner in Christ!
Feliberto Pereira
Rev. Feliberto Pereira
Executive Director

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