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Jesus Was a Refugee

I experienced the love of Christ in many ways through the blessing of General Assembly of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Des Moines, but none so great than in reunion with the family of Rev. Candice Brown.  Rev. Brown invited me to fill the pulpit at her Capitol Hill Christian Church Sunday July 21.  As pastor and parent, Candice Brown has guided so many to an understanding of the provision and empowerment of preparation.  Her daughter Luci Collins interned here at our Good Samaritan Ministries many years ago.  Her son William Brown is a Disciples minister.  Even his 11 year old daughter Hana has raised monies for our ministries!  Members of this nuclear family and the church family have traveled to the Rio Grande Valley to supply time and talent to our work with refugees and “the least of these” in the Valley.  How wide a reach of the loving hand of God!

In that pulpit July 21, God led me to relay the story of my own preparation for a life of faith.  That preparation empowered me to endure nearly 4 years in a forced labor camp in Cuba.  By grace, my family and I were rescued by the U.S. government through a freedom flight to this country.  That was 50 years ago, 1969.  Since then I have sought to “pay it forward” in service to God’s church, particularly through ministry to refugees.

Lives are touched in wonderful ways when Disciples gather for General Assembly – spirit-filled preaching, motivating workshops, and God-inspired service.  Disciples joined with the Brown family in support for the plight of refugees by passing an emergency resolution.  Thanks be to God.

In His Service, Feliberto Pereira

Southwest Good Samaritan Ministries

Los Fresnos Texas