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Refugee Support & Mike’s Kids

Dear Friends,

We launch into 2020 with the same vigor and commitment as in decades past, because we know that through Christ all things are possible.  Whether you are new to this website or a loyal and long-time supporter, we are grateful for the interest that brought you here today.  We have several refugees with us now, and many others receive transitional support.  We care for them and send them on to sponsors once they receive from our government a “credible fear” status that puts them in the queue for an asylum hearing.  (The wait time now is 6 to 9 months.)

As a recent example, we received a Honduran woman who suffered greatly in her journey to the United States.  She had to travel many days on a train known as “La Bestia” (the beast) standing up day and night while holding her younger daughter in her arms.   She had never seen a doctor and was 8 months pregnant. We immediately took care of her, and she delivered a boy.  In her gratitude for all the things the ministry had done for her, she gave her boy the middle name Francisco, using my first name.   What a blessing!

The estimate of the number of persons on the Mexican side of our border, persons who have traveled from other nations to seek refuge from violence, is 25,000.  They live in “tent cities”, as pictured below:

We partner with Team Brownsville, volunteers who journey daily into Mexico with food and other supplies to help sustain these refugees.  The photos below show a group crossing the border, and a meal that is being served there.

The needs are great.  We celebrate that volunteers came from Montana, Wisconsin, Ohio, Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma and other states as well as Texas in 2019 to help us serve.  We celebrate gifts like our Mike’s Kids annual delivery, and dollars/goods from donors throughout the U.S. 

Please know that more is needed, and that any gift is appreciated.  More than anything, we covet your prayers as we all launch into this new decade.  God bless you.

Your Brother in Christ,

F. Feliberto Pereira, Director