Southwest Good Samaritan Ministries (SWGSM) was founded in 1985 in Los Fresnos, Texas, to provide assistance to hundreds of people in need, especially the Central American political refugees, Cubans, and individuals from other countries in political turmoil. SWGSM is now a member institution of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in the Southwest Region.

The mission of Southwest Good Samaritan Ministries is to teach the love of Jesus Christ by building a renewed sense of wholeness and dignity and by standing with those who are broken, especially among refugees and those who are disenfranchised and displaced. The Good News of salvation is lived out by addressing spiritual and material needs, including emergency shelter and food, clothing, transportation, legal aid, advocacy and job referral through a cooperative effort with other agencies and religious organizations.

If you need our services, contact us. If you wish to help us with our mission,we would like to hear from you!