It’s Not October Anymore Newsletter: Be in Readiness

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ:

We would like to invite each of you to open your Bibles and read these verses. If not now, take a few minutes sometime this week. This parable ends in this way: “For everyone who has been given much, much will be required; And to whom they entrusted more, they will ask all the more.” -Luke 12:48

These are particularly meaningful to us for several reasons:

1) Stewardship and having God’s trust is a serious responsibility. We have been entrusted with so many refugees in these last months (one of those stories is below). The challenges continue to grow and grow with each week, with each day; and,

2) In response to these great needs, you have responded generously. We are charged with being good stewards of the funds to meet the needs of the local families and the refugees who are struggling to begin a new life. We are sharing one of the stories of testimonies and the many things we are doing together with the funding and in-kind donations below; and,

3) Churches are in the middle of their stewardship and budgeting, and so are we. We are planning two mission journeys in the next month — one for a church doing building and repairs and another for individuals who want to experience the changing realities along the border. We hope you will follow along on Facebook and keep us in prayer. If you are interested in making a 2019 Pledge to Southwest Good Samaritan Ministries or in booking a Jericho Journey, please contact us for more information.

As we all prepare to face the challenges of the year ahead, we hope that you will continue to keep us in your thoughts and prayers. And please keep a watch in the next couple of days for our Holiday Wish List in a separate email.

In Gratitude to God for Each of You. Your Brother,

F. Feliberto Pereira

Founder and Executive Director