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Together We Make a Difference!

Dear Team Leaders, Churches, and All Our Partners in Compassion Ministries:

THANK YOU!!! Your generocity is amazing!

We have made and surpassed the 1:1 Match Grant Challenge amount of $56,000 from Northway Christian Church in Dallas and First Christian Church, Denton. What was the total of reciepts and promises on September 5???


You have so far exceeded our highest hopes. We will soon be announcing some new and much needed services that you will love being part of over the next years. Keep a watch for the next newsletter to see how together we are caring for the least of these in the Rio Grande Valley. One of our new efforts over the last two months is the ALMAcen, below.

We aslo invite you to read Madison’s Testimonial, then click for mission trip information to start planning your own Jericho Journey for 2019. We look forward to helping you build relationships with new friends. The relationships we build with God and our neighbors define us.

In Christ’s Love,

Madison’s Testimonial

It was 2006. In the middle of the summer, my youth minister had the bright idea to take a group of middle schoolers to Las Fresno, Texas. It was then that I visited Southwest Good Samaritan Ministries and I met one of my heroes—Feliberto Pereira.

Going to The Valley, I knew we were going to serve and minister to others. However, little did I know that I would be served and ministered to. At night, we would often have discussions with Feliberto about refugees and the people he served.

It was through his stories that my life was transformed.

You see, I was a dorky middle schooler. I didn’t really have friends and I had trouble relating to my classmates. I loved Jesus and I wanted to share that love with others, but I wasn’t really sure how to do that during a five-minute passing period. However, through Feliberto’s stories, I learned that loving Jesus and sharing that with others really just means loving people for who they are. Through Feliberto’s actions and his ministry, I saw Christ’s love in an incredibly pure form. Feliberto loved the refugees he helped. Feliberto loved the students that came to serve. Every individual Feliberto met knew they were accepted and valued. They are loved and believed in, no matter who they are or where they come from. Even me, a 12-year old with a dorky haircut.

When I went back to school, I slowly realized the amount of need that was in my school. Many of my classmates struggled with food insecurity and unstable home lives. Although they were not refugees or experiencing political turmoil, school was often their safe place, their refuge. I quickly realized that the best thing I could do for my peers was to accept and value them. To let them know they are loved and believed In just like I learned from Feliberto.

Now, I am a 8th grade English teacher at a Title 1 school in the Texas Panhandle. As I work with my students, I hope and pray that I am a safe place for them. On the first day of school, I told my students that they are accepted and valued. They are loved and believed in, no matter who they are or where they come from.

Little did I know 12 years ago that my life would be forever changed and that I would be motivated to change the lives of others.

All of this happened because of one man and one ministry.

Madison (Mangum) Coleman



Southwest Good Samaritan Ministries keeps growing and developing as the situations and challenges develop in the Rio Grande Valley. When we received over $28,000 of in-kind donations in June and July, we began looking for an appropriate, temperature controlled area. Turns out we had one, but it needed some work to get it ready. With lots of repairs to the central air, new shelves, and paint, we are ready to start bringing in the donations to their new home.

Thank You!






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