Southwest Good
Samaritan Ministries

Bible Institutes

Southwest Good Samaritan Ministries supports two Bible Institutes. We assist with Berea Bible Institute  in Monterrey, Mexico, to train future ministers. More than 850 students have graduated since its founding in 1977.

And, we have a very promising program underway at Casa Bethel Children's Home, Instituto Biblico Ebenezer, for young evangelists (some raised at the orphanage) who are called to grassroots ministry in Mexico. The program, referred to in Mexico as “the Ebenezer Movement,” was named in honor of Feliberto’s Ebenezer Christian Church in Los Fresnos. More than 140 student evangelists have gone through the program. Through youth rallies and worship services in Mexico, they have exposed more than 55,000 people to the Gospel. The movement has spread to eleven states of Mexico, resulting in fifty-two new congregations.

Feliberto is a regular lecturer at the Bible Institutes, and our ministry assists with tuition payments when funds are available. If you would like to support this ministry, please consider making an online donation.

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