Southwest Good
Samaritan Ministries

About Us

Our Mission

The Mission of Southwest Good Samaritan Ministries is to teach the love of Jesus Christ by building a renewed sense of wholeness and dignity and by standing with those who are broken, especially among refugees and those who are disenfranchised and displaced.  The Good News of salvation is lived out by addressing spiritual and material needs, including emergency shelter and food, clothing, transportation, legal aid, advocacy and job referral through a cooperative effort with other agencies and religious organizations.

To order the video about the story of Southwest Good Samaritan Ministries and Feliberto Pereira, click here. 

Our People

Southwest Good Samaritan Ministries is blessed to have a very small but dedicated professional staff to minister to refugees, asylum seekers, and others in need. Most are volunteers who have served with us in the Valley for years.  

Led by the Rev. Feliberto Pereira, executive director, the team of devoted Christians seeks to glorify God through service.  

Shown right, Joel Pereira, office manager, two visiting volunteers, and Larry Cox, long-time volunteer and support. 


Our Home

Southwest Good Samaritan Ministries is located in  Bayview near Los Fresnos, Texas, in the Rio Grande Valley, about a half-hour’s drive from both Harlingen and Brownsville, Texas. Our ministries are situated on a five-acre campus we call Casa Compasión, or “House of Compassion.” Casa Compasión is home to both refugees paroled to our custody and volunteers who visit us on adult and youth mission trips.  Most groups travel to us by car, van or bus. Parking is plentiful. Our ministry is also served by three major airports in Harlingen, Brownsville and McAllen.

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