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Bags of Rice Become Acts of Love

“I’m SO happy! You can’t imagine how happy and grateful I am today.” Feliberto’s face beamed as he conveyed the good news, and Good News.

On Monday, April 2, the day after Easter, 45,000 pounds of rice was unloaded and stacked in the storage room at Southwest Good Samaritan Ministries’ Casa Compasión/Compassion House, in Bayview, Texas.

With two snowfalls, it was a rough winter. Rice stockpiles were dwindling rapidly. The need is great and growing as many people have been unable to find even part-time work.

Your gifts make a difference.

Working together, twenty-eight refugees and asylum seekers from Good Samaritan Ministries and La Posada Providencia in San Benito, Texas, had unloaded a large truck from the Coastal Plains Area of the Christian Church, Disciples of Christ, in the Southwest Region. The helpers were from Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Cuba, Rwanda, Eritrea, and Cameroon.


Here they are brothers and sisters in Christ working to bring rice to all those in need along the Lower Rio Grande Valley. Here they are in ministry with Good Samaritan Ministries, with you and me. Feliberto has connected us all to do this great work as the Children of God.

By the time everyone returned to their homes, tired and ready for a meal and bed, rice had already been sent to a Catholic Relief service for the aging in Matamoros, to La Posada for the asylum seekers there, to eight families with critical health situations that prohibit working, and back with the refugees and asylum seekers at Southwest Good Samaritan Ministries for their evening meal.

Over a hundred people were fed this week because of God’s grace and the generosity God’s children. And tomorrow we will feed even more… together.

In closing, Feliberto said, “Tell the people of the Coastal Plains Area, ‘Thank you! Thank You! Gracias, y Gracias a Dios for their love and compassion.’ We could not do this without them. They are an answer to our prayers.”                                 --SD

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