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Perhaps you are like me.  Each morning when I wake up, I give God praise and thanks for life and love and grace.  Then I turn to the world around me, and thank God for mind and heart, so that I can think creatively and compassionately for ways to serve God’s needs in this world.  Recent mornings have us grieving with news of hurricanes, wildfires, earthquakes, wars – including mass shootings.  A refugee is a person who has been forced from home, be it through conflict or natural disaster.  Our creativity and compassion tells us that each refugee deserves the same consideration for restoration of life-supporting assistance, whether in the U.S. or around the world.  My friend Rev. Dr. Bob Hill speaks of compassion fusion – Christians refusing to fall prey to compassion fatigue, but recognizing tragedy as an opportunity to revive our collective commitment to God’s purpose.  Ours is a refugee ministry.  Thank you for partnering with us, and God bless you! 

Welcome to Southwest Good Samaritan Ministries! If you are a refugee or a person with an emergency need, contact us. We are here to help you. If you wish to serve God's people in need along the Texas/Mexico border, we welcome your support and mission work. While our ministry primarily serves political refugees who are seeking safety from persecution in their home countries, our ministry has expanded to serve the needs of the poor on the Texas side of the border. We believe in educating all of God's people, and we do so through assisting with high school and college tuition support for students and through a Bible Institute in Monterrey, Mexico. And while safety issues keep us from sending workers into Mexico, we continue to support the Casa Bethel children's home through our donations.  There is a lot to do and we welcome your help whether in the form of donations or mission workers.  If you have never stayed with us on a mission trip, we invite you to reserve a time to join us. We welcome you!
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Refugee Crisis, click here.
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Seeing the face of the God of Jesus in the face and the journey of each of these brothers and sisters--the least of these--makes us feel like we are always in touch with the anguish of the cross but also with the hope of the resurrection.

  - Feliberto Pereira, Founder

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